[Freedombox-discuss] FreedomBox in Iran or Syria

sindikat sindikat at riseup.net
Fri Jan 6 20:24:14 UTC 2012

I have no idea what is life in Iran and Syria, but in my case this is
how it goes. I live in Kazakhstan, which is a developing post-USSR
country. Our economy largely grows thanks to exports of crude oil, and
to lesser extent, natural gas, uranium, textiles and livestock. Our
country is heavily de-industrialized comparing to USSR
period. Politically our country is a mild dictatorship - we are on 137th
place on Democracy Index (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Democracy_Index),
listed as "authoritarian regime". By comparison, Syria is 157th and Iran
is 159th. Let's take some other international criterion, measuring
economic, social and cultural development in Kazakhstan. We are on 68th
place on Human Development Index
with Iran being 88th and Syria being 119th. According to ROSSTAT
(Russian statistics agency), in my country 26.7% are most in need, 66.8%
have low income, 6.4% have lower than average income and 0.1% have
average income.

Now you hopely have a slight idea, what is it to live in
Kazakhstan. Now the question is how easy it is to get the best from
FreedomBox. There is no plug computers in our shops, i failed to find
any. According to Amazon policy
it does not ship electronics to Kazakhstan, Iran and Syria. Ebay
shipping depends on seller, but i'm not sure about any successful
shipping of electronics in my country through Ebay. Anyway shipping is
always expensive. Last time i bought paperback books from Amazon,
shipping cost was almost the same, as the cost of all books combined. I
also failed to find plug computers on Russian and Ukrainian online
shops, but i don't think if they were there, it would help Syrians and

So basically the idea is it is impossible to get plug computer in
Kazakhstan without workarounds, and judging by all the factors, it
should be even harder to get it in Iran and Syria, but your mileage may
vary. The way i want to get it is through my friend, who currently
study in UK. He will bring my first DreamPlug in February.

How to make plug computers available in countries of capitalist
periphery is a major question on its own, and i don't know the answer to
that. Possibly, the only solution is to make plug computers vastly
popular in capitalist metropolis (developed countries), so there would
finally be plug computers in computer shops in my country.

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