[Freedombox-discuss] freedombox-privoxy

James Vasile vasile at freedomboxfoundation.org
Sun Jan 15 17:44:18 UTC 2012

On Sun, 15 Jan 2012 14:02:34 +0100, Jonas Smedegaard <dr at jones.dk> wrote:
> On 12-01-14 at 09:00pm, James Vasile wrote:
> > One thing many people seem to agree the FreedomBox should do is web 
> > filtering for privacy and ad-removal.  Toward that end, I've put a 
> > first draft version of privoxy up on git.
> Great!
> [details of derivations from existing Debian package snipped]
> > If all goes well, this will go into the FreedomMaker image quite soon 
> > and then to a Debian mirror near you.
> So you are working with the package maintainers of the existing official 
> privoxy Debian package, or how else will it reach Debian mirrors?

Once the changes I've made are in good shape (which I hope means after
this round of testing), I will offer them to the existing privoxy Debian
package maintainers as well as the privoxy project upstream.  If the
changes can be made to suit the Debian package or upstream, great.  If
not, we'll make a separate package and offer it to the Debian community
for people that want to add FreedomBox functionality to their Debian
boxes (i.e. their old x86 machines and such).

I imagine we will eventually have several freedombox-* packages that
have items of specific use to the FreedomBox, but I'd like to have as
few of those as we can.  

The question of how FreedomBox software gets distributed is a hard one.
My preference is for the project not to run public repositories on any
sort of permanent basis.  The hope is that this will force us to push
code out the door in ways that are useful to others.  And it reduces the
creation of a centralized structure that would presumably be a target of

Clint Adams and has been a huge resource in offering insight to Debian
packaging and policy (thanks Clint!) and he and Bdale have kindly
offered to help with doing this the right way.  After close to 15 years
of using and making Debian packages for my own use, it turns out I
wasn't doing packages and repositories the right way.  So we're lucky to
have real experts around who I'm sure will find more ways to improve
this package.  Thanks much to everybody for pitching in!

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