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  Our First Product, Tahoe-LAFS-on-S3

     Tahoe-LAFS-on-S3 is a reliable and scalable cloud storage back-end for
     use with the Tahoe-LAFS.org client software. Tahoe-LAFS is a Free
     Software, Open Source cloud storage system. It encrypts and
     cryptographically integrity-checks your files for provider-independent
     security. That means that the confidentiality and integrity of your
     files cannot be violated by anyone-not even employees of the storage
     service provider.

  What is it good for?

     Securely backing up your data off-site. The "tahoe backup" command
     inspects your local filesystem for files that have changed since the
     last time you ran it. It uploads each file that has changed and it
     creates a directory in Tahoe-LAFS to hold the current version of each
     of the files. You can browse or access old versions just by browsing
     the old snapshot directories.

  Where is the data stored?

     Your data, encrypted, is stored on Amazon's Simple Storage Service
     (S3), which is a convenient, reliable, and widely understood platform
     for storage.

  Tahoe-LAFS-on-S3 Pricing


     *Discounts are available for full-time students, educational
     institutions, libraries, non-profits, and open source projects.

  SIGN UP for the Alpha Program

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