[Freedombox-discuss] Booting up basic question

Nick Hardiman nick at internetmachines.co.uk
Thu Jun 7 09:26:17 UTC 2012

The short answer from off to login prompt is: 

power on (--> hardware checks?) --> u-boot --> linux kernel --> processes

NewIT maintain an excellent forum to help their customers. Search there for the results of your mount command - sometimes there are plenty of new users stuck at the same point. 

Good luck. 

Nick Hardiman
nick at internetmachines.co.uk

On 7 Jun 2012, at 08:36, alberto fuentes wrote:

> Not sure if this list is intended for this kind of questions since i see kind of different discussion going on...
> i bought a dreamplug from newit with wheezy preinstalled... im a noob in these arm sets... when i do mount, i only get ramfs kind of mount points... is there a place where i can read how the bootup proccess happens? how does it read the initial data from the sd? how does it save the data back to the sd card? im confused
> Thank you
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