[Freedombox-discuss] Website suggestions

Sam Tuke mail at samtuke.com
Wed Jun 13 23:44:25 UTC 2012

The Freedom Box project is not about people who already use Freedom
Boxes. It is about bringing freedom to people who don't already have it.
We have to get their attention before they can get involved. To this end
I suggest that:

1. https://www.freedomboxfoundation.org/ is redesigned to be more
appealing. http://www.gnome.org may provide some inspiration.

2. Discussion and brainstorming moves away from mailing lists. Mailing
lists are generally not user friendly to browse and participate in.
Casual readers never get as far as a list where action is actually
taking place. Something with an attractive web interface would encourage
more contributions.

Overall https://www.freedomboxfoundation.org/ is not inviting in my
view. It needs to be in order to fulfill the project's goal of gaining
widespread interest and use. I realise these are early days and that
focus probably lies elsewhere at present. 

But presentation is important, even for developers (look at the work
that GitHub puts into design and interaction). Visitors won't get the
politics or software if they don't make it past the first page.

Perhaps a web sprint is in order?


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