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> On 2012-06-20 at 14:55:52 -0400, Rick C. Hodgin wrote:
>>  We have to look at what we're on about here:  The ability to have
>>  little servers is one thing.  But the ability to convey information
>>  outside of prying eyes is another.
> What's there to stop your average three-letter-agency from 
> walking around mayor malls with a malicious phone that works 
> as a node, but forwards any data it has passed on to the same 
> secret quantum computer they use to read any other encrypted 
> message on the internet?
> I hope I'm joking about the quantum computer, but I doubt 
> that a system that requires connecting to the devices of random 
> strangers, expecially one that is desinged to work with short 
> lived connections, is going to be any more "outside of prying 
> eyes" than the current internet.

For one thing, it surely costs more money to walk around every
mall in the world than it does to slap a splitter on the big AT&T
internet tube in SF.  Still, the more intriguing aspect of mesh
networking is the potential resistance to the internet "kill switch"
idea that keeps coming around-- similar to what BART authorities
actually did back in 2011 with cell service:



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