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On 06/20/2012 10:10 AM, Rick C. Hodgin wrote:

> What I'd like is something this flexible: My wife and I are walking
> in mall with at least one other person every 40 feet or so.  We
> decide to separate and go shopping.  I walk this way, she walks
> that way.  Before long we're out of direct WiFi communication range
> to each other.  Now, if enough people there in the mall had 
> WiFi-enabled devices running some mesh software, I'd like to be
> able to stay in contact with my wife as she moves about in her
> randome way, and as they all move about in their random ways.  The
> protocols involved would have to keep everyone abreast of where the
> devices are coming and going in this ever changing sea of WiFi
> meshes.
> If technology exists to do this, point me to it and show me the FAQ
> on how to install it on my FBX so I can begin using it today. :-)
> I'd even be willing to write a slick GUI to make it easier for the
> next guy.

Look at BATMAN-adv.  The Serval Project is already using it for just
that purpose.

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