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Ben Mendis dragonwisard at gmail.com
Wed Jun 27 21:47:17 UTC 2012

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On Wed, 27 Jun 2012, freebirds at hushmail.com wrote:

> Could FreedomBox please ask Marvell whether their motherboard has
> ARM's TrustZone or Trusted Platform Module (TPM). They both
> generate a visible UUID and make hardware UUIDs visible. TrustZone
> and TPM have digital rights management and enable tracking by the
> media industry, hackers, government, etc. ARM's TrustZone
> description is at
> http://mobile.arm.com/products/processors/technologies/trustzone.php
> ?tab=Why+TrustZone?
> FreedomBox needs to have open source leftcopy hardware such as Qi
> hardware. See http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Main_Page
> Anonymous software such as openVPN, MacChanger and TOR and a Linux
> OS are not enough to ensure privacy. The MAC address of the wifi
> card, the MAC address of the bluetooth card and the processor
> serial number are visible even when not connected to the internet.
> If Marvell's motherboard has TrustZone, TPM or its equivalent or
> Marvell's processor serial number is visible, please ask Marvell to
> remove them. Or ask a manufacturer for a truly private processor
> and motherboard.
> Thank you.

I'm a little confused about all this concern I've been seeing about
UUIDs. Could someone explain this to me? How exactly does it hurt your
privacy/anonymity if your CPU has a UUID?

Or, asked another way, what is the attack vector? What would a hacker or
government or other adversary need to do in order to track someone by
their UUID?

Please help me to understand this threat.

Best regards,
Ben the Pyrate

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