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Rick Hodgins wrote: "You're reaching to go from the existence of
debug regs and UUIDs to a government conspiracy.  Evidence is

I did not write that the government forced Intel and AMD to install
a backdoor by installing Intel AMT, Intel vPRO and AMD DASH. I did
write that they would be accessibly by IT administrators,
government, hackers, etc.

Likewise, the government did not force Dell and Lenova to install
Intel vPro and Computrace in their BIOS. I did write that they
could be activated by government, hackers, investigators, etc. to
remotely track the geolocation of computers as well as remotely
procure photographs and data via keyloggers.

Antimalware programs do not scan BIOS nor processors. They do not
report AMT, DASH, vPRO and Computrace activity.

Do you naively believe that Intel's AMT and AMD's DASH are solely
used by IT administrators? Do you believe that vPRO and Computrace
are solely used for anti-theft? Majority of users never access
their BIOS. They do not know whether their BIOS has vPRO or
Computrace. Neither owners manuals, manufacturers' websites nor
stores advertise Computrace and attempt to sell an annual
subscription to Computrace. vPRO and Computrace are backdoors.

ARM does not have the equivalent of vPRO or Computrace. At least
not yet. Thus, I am not asking you to ask Marvell if there is "anti-
theft."  I am asking you to ask Marvel whether: (1) out of band
monitoring; (2) visible PSN; (3) ARM TrustZone which is equivalent
to TPM and; (4) debugger.
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