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Nick Daly, thanks for your empathy. But my abuser's hackers are
accessing AMT and DASH. Because reflashing the BIOS did NOT erase
the firmware rootkit and because firmware rootkits also infected my
graphic card, I purchased a brand new netbook. I didn't copy files
to the internal hard drive. I used a live Fedora DVD. Jack's
hackers hacked my AMD DASH.

Nick Daly, its not that I shouldn't or can't avoid unavoidable
hardware. Its that the hackers can and do use the hardware's

FreeScale, MIPS, Texas Instruments are not on Intel's adapter list.

BeagleBoard and PandaBoard use Texas Instrument's processor. Olimex
board, Genesi linux netbook and Hercules linux netbook use
FreeScale's processor. The Ben NanoNote micro netbok uses MIPS

What I have not been able to find out yet is whether they have
ARM's TrustZone and how to hide the PSN. Both Olimex and
Beagleboard forums replied that their processor has a PSN.

Several days ago, I cited a link to Qi hardware, which is open
source hardware. http://en.qi-hardware.com. They manufacture for
Ben NanoNote. I am considering purchasing a Ben NanoNote even I
cannot follow the complex tutorial on flashing Debian onto a
SDcard. Yes, I can download and burn an ISO. But flashing to a
SDcard is complex.

I am not suggesting to give up on Marvell. I disagree with Ben's
post that a nondisclosure agreement means not answering my
questions. If the Freedombox Foundation forum signs a nondisclosure
agreement with Marvell the Freedombox Foundation can share this
information among themselves.

If the forum, as a group, has preferences not met with Marvell, the
forum as a group can ask Marvell to customize the dreamplug. If
Marvell refuses, we can look at the above mentioned alternatives or
create our new open source hardware jointly with Qi.

The first step is to ask Marvell. Please do.
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