[Freedombox-discuss] FreedomBox Unstable Image 2012.0629 Available

Nick M. Daly nick.m.daly at gmail.com
Sat Jun 30 02:16:49 UTC 2012

Hi folks, welcome to the fourth weekly FreedomBox test image and 
progress report.

This image is designed to allow anyone to test the current state 
of the FreedomBox.  However, it's not yet a complete privacy 
solution, so you should rely on other, more established, solutions 
until we produce a stable release.  This is not a stable or 
complete release.

The image is available at:



Tonight's image was produced with:

    $ make weekly-card

The image includes several FreedomBox-related projects.  The 
changes are changes made by project contributors in the last week 
that have made it into the test image.  The outstanding TODOs are 
the changes needed before the beta-release is complete.  If you'd 
like to contribute in any way, fork and send me a pull request.

Freedom Maker: https://github.com/nickdaly/freedom-maker


    - The weekly card is now a make target.

    Outstanding TODOs:

    - Build the first run config/setup.
    - The setup process generates keys for user.
    - Setup generates keys for the box itself.
    - Turn DHCP on by default (on first boot).
    - Enable Wireless Access Point (WAP) by default.

Plinth: https://github.com/nickdaly/plinth


  - Santiago (FreedomBuddy) gained a UI and JSON output.

  Outstanding TODOs:

  - Turn DHCP on/off through Plinth
  - Select DHCP or Static IP in Plinth
  - Integrate basic OpenVPN settings into Plinth
  - Integrate Dnsmasq into Plinth
  - Point "fbx" and "freedombox" URLs to the Plinth UI
  - Integrate FreedomBuddy into Plinth.
  - Hook FreedomBuddy into OpenVPN.
  - Hook FreedomBuddy into SSH.

FreedomBox Privoxy: https://github.com/nickdaly/freedombox-privoxy

  Outstanding TODOs:

  - Privoxy should use the released HTTPS Everywhere regexp.
  - Add enabling and disabling Privoxy to the Plinth UI.

PlugServer Setup: https://bitbucket.org/nickdaly/plugserver

  Outstanding TODOs:

  - Integrate into Freedom Maker.

With SQLite: https://github.com/nickdaly/withsqlite

  No known TODOs, this is complete.
Errata:  - The Freedom Maker version on the card doesn't have the 
weekly-card changes, because I was testing it by building the 
card.  I didn't really feel like rebuilding the entire card after 
it worked the first time.  - Tom Galloway contributed a 
FreedomBuddy SSH VPN service that I didn't have time to integrate 
into this week's image. 

Thanks for your time,
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