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Jack Wilborn jkwilborn at gmail.com
Wed Mar 14 15:16:21 UTC 2012

I hope we are not going to waste time over trivia such as this.  As a
retired police officer from Arizona, you have to know more about what a
court decision was based on before you can really comment.  Also, knowing
people under 18 basically have no rights, it's their parents that are
responsible and usually ends up in their lap.  Again how can you enforce
any kind of protection when someone gives up their credentials?  James has
the best option, give them a destruct key.  But anytime you store
information on a cloud you are giving your data to 'someone' or some

The biggest problem with most of this is that the government for years has
postulated that data is not a protected right of possession.  In the mid
80's they finally passed some laws to help with the problem that the
government felt that any data that wasn't speech, usually analog was not a
protect-able entity.  We as constituents need to voice to our politicians
that this is not acceptable anymore.  This would go a long way to help the
freedombox stand in a position that wouldn't let authority personnel access
information on it.

Maybe freedomboxs are the type of cloud type environment we all want with
total security, but it's up to us to help pass the legislation and produce
the software to accomplish this.

IMO of course...

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