[Freedombox-discuss] Setup a Testbed Network based on CJDNS "Sharing the Web"

ds500ss SCS ds500ss.stopcommsocialism at googlemail.com
Fri Mar 23 14:20:19 UTC 2012

I would recommend CJDNS to experiment with an existing p2p infrastructure.
test existing apps on compatibility with multiple domain names.
build upon it before working out something that missed important features

My node is available for testing.
it's only available between 7AM - 11.15 PM
it will be shutdown during night due to it's noise.
so add more nodes form http://www.projectmeshnet.org & get in touch with
the people on IRC #cjdns at irc.efnet.org

This must be included under Connect To:  in your Config explained on

you can adjust value of  'trust' of an node in config

----- Cut here  -----
                "password": "<ask me for one>",
                "authType": 1,
                "trust": 10000
----- Cut here -----

don't hestitate ask a password  if you want to become a part of this
especially if you located in Holland ;)

I hope this will accelerate development of the Box & building an
decentralized network as much as possible

#stats on cjdns.info
Currently registered: 399
Online: 48

Now connect your own nodes, connecting them to friends one's,ask
companies,cafetaria,buffet bars
connect them all together virtually, build physical infrastructure later.
fill the HyperNet with content, Share content, Donate some bandwith

"Sharing the Net" it could be happen www.hyperboria.net


PS: I've CC'ed freedomnetwork as several civil society organizations as
So their sites can eventually accessed in censored territorities if their
IT staff have added them to hypernet.
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