[Freedombox-discuss] Announcing Santiago Release Candidate 1

Michael Rauch l15t at miranet.ch
Sun May 20 14:00:50 UTC 2012

On 05/19/2012 09:44 PM, Kim Alvefur wrote:
> On Sat 19 May 2012 07:00:13 PM CEST, Nick M. Daly wrote:
>> On Sat, 19 May 2012 15:45:23 +0200, Michael Rauch<l15t at miranet.ch> wrote:
>>> this is really cool! by exposing FreedomBuddy as a Tor Hidden Service
>>> there's no DNS resolution involved for service discovery. to find a
>>> service, the client only needs to know the public key or hash thereof,
>>> which is the .onion address.
>> Precisely :)
>>> would this work together with monkeysphere to connect the ssl-cert to
>>> the gpg-cert and this way allowing verified HTTPS connections?
>> That's step two.
> Has anyone looked into using PGP keys as SSL certificates?

Monkeysphere [0] can create a pgp-cert based on the an existing X.509 
cert by extracting its RSA key.

There's a post on Stackoverflow [1] about doing it the other way around, 
creating a X.509 cert based on a pgp-cert.

0: http://web.monkeysphere.info/doc/host-keys/

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