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Jack Wilborn jkwilborn at gmail.com
Tue May 22 14:47:31 UTC 2012

I have read about many asking about the 'next' freedom box hardware.  If we
come up with a base hardware system that could be built by anyone with a
basic architecture we could drive towards a very useful, low cost
dependable piece of hardware.  What really started this, was that I was
intrigued by a simple outdoor wifi that would supply an uncensored but
clean access to the internet.  However as I looked at my location and
others that I spoke to, it became pretty obvious that the current and past
vertions of both plugs would not survive a summer in any of the locations I
have checked out.  Although the temperatures here don't really go too low,
it does go high, sometimes to 122+ degrees.  Most of the CPU's that I'm
looking at are used in many applications including automobiles which means
that must run anywhere on the planet, so the temp range is something like
-40 to 85 Centigrade. I think that's about -40 to 185 F.  This is something
that we could use and I found some in risc (reduced instruction set
computers) processors.  Usually you can get a supplied compiler and I
believe most of the code is 'C' anyway.

This could be a way to target a simple to build or low cost piece of
hardware that would be flexible enough to do all the things that all of us
wish.  Anyone with a hardware interest, I would like to hear from.

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