[Freedombox-discuss] Tonight's FreedomBuddy Updates

Nick M. Daly nick.m.daly at gmail.com
Thu May 24 02:40:11 UTC 2012

Hi folks, FreedomBuddy functions as a more-or-less reasonable web
service now: I've added "learn", "where", and "provide" routes 
to the service.

Want to know where someone's hosting a service for you?


    (The reply's JSON, reply format will be confiurable shortly.)

Want to request a service from somebody?


    (You get no response.)

Want to host a service for somebody?


    (Again, you get no response.)

Two issues:

1. Not all CRUD operations are yet supported, this interface will change
   soon enough (to offer the system more control).

2. I'm abusing the GET operation.  I'll fix that later this week when I
   have a chance to code a non-stupid form.

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