[Freedombox-discuss] What Do You want to use the FreedomBox for?

Dan Ballance tzewang.dorje at gmail.com
Fri May 25 06:14:56 UTC 2012


Probably somewhat idealistic, but I would eventually like freedombox to be:

* a distributed p2p social media network;
* a basic replacement for as many commercial cloud services that track and
monitor us as possible, so: gmail, gdocs, gcalendar, drop box etc
* a mesh network for resilience

Any first steps towards this would be fantastic. Some basic p2p distributed
social media tool that connects freedom boxes would be a great early mile
stone i think because we could then start building a community and having
these discussions via the freedom box network. I imagine we could start to
grow a user-base with that in place.

dan :)
On 24 May 2012 23:46, "Nick M. Daly" <nick.m.daly at gmail.com> wrote:

> So, I always worry that we (as a list and project) might end up chasing
> ideals or hypotheticals ("wouldn't it be cool if...") instead of actual,
> deliverable, software.  To help prevent that, I'd like to hear from
> folks what you'd actually like to use the system for.  If enough people
> get behind any particular idea, we should try to make it a priority for
> the next hackfest.
> I want to use it as:
> - A Jabber Server.
> - A replacement for DropBox (a file storage / synchronization system).
> - A wiki/Evernote replacement (for all those crazy ideas I want to write
>  down somewhere).
> Anybody else?
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