[Freedombox-discuss] InDisk -- does this technology exist in open source?

John David Stone stone at cs.grinnell.edu
Wed May 30 21:15:49 UTC 2012

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 > The key point is assembling files which are presented to the app as 
 > files, but after requesting them from different sources over the net.  
 > The data also doesn't have to be in the literal file format that's 
 > presented to the user.
        It doesn't have to _start out_ in that format -- it has to be
collected and converted to that format at some point, possibly on the fly.

        It still sounds to me like you're talking about ordinary files,
possibly mounted through a network file system, and sockets, drawing data
from any source that can satisfy the socket API.  To the socket client
("the app"), the socket looks like any other file.  The socket server can
be an arbitrary program, running on the same machine as the client or on a
different machine that is accessible over the network.  The socket server
can compile its data however it wants to -- by reading spreadsheets and
databases, by computation, by copying excerpts from other files or reading
from sockets of its own, whatever.

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