[Freedombox-discuss] FW: [Trisquel-users] Alternative freedom friendly solution to Raspberry Pi

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Wed May 30 21:24:55 UTC 2012

As a potential solution to the never-ending recommended/supported hardware 
"problem", i'm making some effort to either extend or duplicate the 
"semantic wiki" at:


to include non-wireless devices, environmental ratings, performance 
benchmarks, kernel support version, documentation availability, price, 
power consumption, international regulations, etc. This wiki is central, 
structured, real-time queryable, and all the data can be exported as XML 
for forking/backup.

Hopefully this will reduce background noise of raspberry pi vs. dreamplug 
vs. shevaplug vs. arduino vs. beaglebone vs. netbook vs. cray super 
computer vs. TI-83 vs. TP-Link whatever vs. ZOMG this thing from gizmodo 
flames/threads, and help everybody make informed decisions about which 
hardware to support and/or purchase.


On Tue, 29 May 2012, Rick C. Hodgin wrote:

> This came across the Trisquel list. A possible $50 x86-based 
> non-Intel/AMD board with free/libre drivers from VIA Technologies. I've 
> asked Chris for more info on specs?
> Does anybody know of this product?
> Best regards,
> Rick C. Hodgin
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> Subject: [Trisquel-users] Alternative freedom friendly solution to Raspberry	Pi
> The one thing I don't like about the Raspberry Pi project is the use of a
> graphics chip dependent on non-free software.
> I think there may be a new better alternative from VIA though. I sent an
> email to graphics chipset vendor in use in the device and got word back from
> an engineer (David Berol from wolfsonmicro) that the WM8750 chipset is not
> dependent on proprietary drivers or firmware. I did have to clarify this
> though as he thought I was talking about the price :).
> I've also gotten word through an intermediary who investigated the BIOS
> situation on the VIA board. This motherboard will be released unlocked. Right
> now VIA is releasing it with Android although there is nothing preventing
> this community (free software users) from porting a GNU/Linux distribution to
> it.
> It is based on ARM and I think it's primary usefulness would be streaming HD
> content as the cost is low ($50 USD) and has built-in hardware HD decoding.
> It has severely limited built-in ram  (512MB) although more than sufficient
> for a purpose built device (HTPC). It also has 2GB internal storage and
> microsd expansion slot. It also has limited CPU (just 800Mhz).
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