[Freedombox-discuss] What You Want from a FreedomBox!

Nick Daly nick.m.daly at gmail.com
Thu May 31 12:39:43 UTC 2012

Hi folks, the votes are in (people have stopped replying to the original
thread), so here's how the votes have broken down.  

In tallying these votes, I do not claim to have perfectly interpreted
everyone's words, nor do I claim to have made no mistakes.  The emails
to this list themselves are the raw data, so my inaccuracies should be
self-evident.  I counted each vote in each email once (I did *not* count
one vote per email) and attempted to include all sub-threads and
side-threads of the "What do you want in a FreedomBox?" email chain.

The data are sorted by number of votes for each category, then by number
of votes per service, and finally alphabetically, when services share

Social Sharing/Connections/Network tool (20):

- Email: XXXXX
- Jabber: XXXXX
- Social Media Network: XXX
- Etherpad: XX
- VOIP/Video Chat: XX
- Plans: X
- Real-time messaging: X
- Social bookmarks: X

Privacy Device (20):

- Censorship Circumvention: XXXXXX
- Privacy Device: XXXXX
- Ad-free Internet: XXXX
- Anonymous Internet: XXX
- Anonymous Chat: XX

Self-publishing tool (13):

- Photo Sharing: XXXXX
- Wiki: XXXX
- Blog: XXX
- Website: X

Backup tool (12):

- Dropbox: XXXXXX
- Backup tool: XXXXX
- Crypto-key recovery: X

Personal Information Manager (6):

- Personal Information Manager: XXXXX
- Identity Provider: X

Connectivity Device (5):

- IPv6/IPsec Router: XXXX
- Mesh Network: X

Media Device (4):

- Media Device: XXX
- Podcast Downloader: X

The Other Category (uncounted):

- Ripple (??): X

- Data Gathering System: X

- PeerPoint (??): X

- WebBox: X

- Shell Account (??): X

- E-Currency Wallet: X

Just thought you'd like to know and comment on how this all turned out.
This will also help inform the direction of the next hackfest.  Please
pick up a project and coordinate with other interested members of the
list to start integrating the service into the FreedomBox.

As a side-note, I was *really* surprised by the results.  I didn't
expect to see the privacy category get as many votes as the social
category, nor did I expect email to be quite so popular.

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