[Freedombox-discuss] Half a bag of chocolate for the FreedomBox !

Markus Sabadello markus.sabadello at gmail.com
Sat May 12 01:07:21 UTC 2012


I have recently been to 2 conferences where I talked about the FreedomBox.

* European Identity Conference (EIC):
I was in a workshop about "Life Management Platforms", and I explained the
FreedomBox concept to the audience.
This was a very corporate kind of conference, but guess what, there was
actually a lot of talk about decentralization!
See my blog post

* Internet Identity Workshop (IIW):
I brought 4 Guruplugs and did a demo of what a FreedomBox COULD enable.
See my blog post
a description and some screenshots of the demo.

At IIW, it is customary that at the end of each day, participants award
each other wine and chocolate for special achievements.
And well, I got (half) a bag of chocolate for the FreedomBox demo.

At the two events, I mentioned consistently that I am not speaking for
FreedomBox "officially", but that I had been observing it for a while.

I'd really love to get more closely involved, perhaps I could even make it
to the June Hackfest (but it's a long and expensive flight, don't know).

Specifically, I'd like to do the following:

1. Start a discussion on how the FreedomBox could fit into some communities
I am in touch with, especially the Personal Data
 (PDE) and Vendor Relationship Management<http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/vrm/>
PDE is about giving individuals control over their personal data. Uhm, it's
also about new business opportunities, something like a "fair trade for
VRM is about giving you the means to manage your relationships with the
vendors/suppliers you deal with in your life.

2. On the technical side, figure out the path to building the custom demo
software from IIW on top of the existing FreedomBox stack, i.e. integrate
it with Plinth, Santiago, etc.

Find attached the chocolate :)

Project Danube: http://projectdanube.org
Personal Data Ecosystem Consortium: http://personaldataecosystem.org/
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