[Freedombox-discuss] Introducing the MK802 FreedomStick

timur.mehrvarz at riseup.net timur.mehrvarz at riseup.net
Mon Sep 10 22:31:18 UTC 2012

On 09/10/2012 09:31 AM, Rob van der Hoeven wrote:
>> What could be the reason for the MK802's poor WiFi performance (770
>> KB/s)? If it is the 1Ghz CPU's fault, then there is something seriously
>> wrong with the A10/Cortex8, no?
> The reason is probably a poor antenna. WIFI is the bottleneck, the
> processor is running at ~ 30%
Did you try moving the two devices really close to each other for a 
test? If the antenna is the only problem, WiFi throughput should improve 
a lot. However, I would not be surprised, if throughput stays the same. 
In which case it would be interesting to find out what else is 
contributing to the bad performance. I don't think it is the CPU.

>> I'm asking because I still think an OpenWRT + "Freedombox services"
>> combo (or a Freedombox with WiFi Access Point functionality) would be a
>> really nice setup. This would probably be the most convenient
>> installation for lot's of people. It would also make it so much easier
>> to deliver adjusted firewall settings to people who aren't able (or
>> willing) to set them up for them selfs.
> I am thinking in the same direction. A combination of an OpenWRT router
> and a MK802. The best way to do this is by using the USB-OTG port. If
> this port is put in device-mode you can load the Ethernet-gadget kernel
> driver. This driver turns the MK802 USB-OTG port into an USB-Ethernet
> device. If you then connect the MK802 to the USB port of an OpenWRT
> router it will be detected as an Ethernet interface.
Interesting idea. In other words, the MK802 _does_ have Ethernet :-)
I would still prefer to run OpenWRT + Freedombox on one and the same 
device. Just saying.

> Apart from the higher speed there is another benefit. The USB port of
> the router can most likely power the MK802. (I have successfully ran the
> MK802 from USB power alone). Note: power consumption will probably be
> much lower with WIFI and graphics-core turned off.
> I have tried to get the USB-OTG port working but failed. The problem
> seems to me that it is not yet supported by the kernel. The function
> that should do the switching between host<->device mode is empty.
> Understandable because the kernel is generic, and not all A10 devices
> have USB-OTG.

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