[Freedombox-discuss] freedombox.img with qemu

tornow at riseup.net tornow at riseup.net
Sat Sep 15 02:18:47 UTC 2012

Hello all,
i am searching for a few days for any way to test the freedombox.img:
announced here:
without owning a dreamplug. 

I could think of qemu or raspberry pi and of VirtualBox (but i don't
think VirtualBox does arm).

Searching for tutorials how to emulate arm with qemu are rare and also
quite old:
but basically tell me to use:
 $ qemu-system-arm -M versatilepb -kernel vmlinuz-2.6.18-6-versatile
 -initrd initrd.gz -hda hda.img -append "root=/dev/ram" 
but i don't know what to use for "-kernel" and "-initrd".

I also found some info at the raspberry pi wiki, but it didn't help me
in solving the problem:

thanks for any hints.
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