[Freedombox-discuss] FreedomBox VoIP/IM/Comms (SIP and Jabber), Jingle Nodes, SIP RELOAD

Daniel Pocock daniel at pocock.com.au
Wed Sep 19 14:22:20 UTC 2012

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On 19/09/12 14:32, Ramana Kumar wrote:
> This page might be mildly relevant: 
> http://libreplanet.org/wiki/Group:Skype_Replacement

I heard about FSF Europe running a Skype Replacement event on the
weekend, testing the different clients against each other.  Their goal
is very general, moving people from closed source to Free software

FreedomBox has an additional goal: privacy.  This limits some of the
options (or requires each option to be scrutinised more carefully).

Nonetheless, FreedomBox should work with some of the other solutions.
 It may be very generous and accept any TLS connection, or it may be
more severe and require all signaling to go over TOR, for example.  I
plan to document the privacy issues more thoroughly to help decide on
these strategies.

> And I would be interested to know in how the FreedomBox VOIP tools
> compare to using WebRTC, and whether the latter might/should be
> supported on FBX.

WebRTC is for browser-based audio/video.  FreedomBox could potentially
provide a web server with such a page for users on the local LAN to
use.  The browser would then be just another type of client.

Do you want to add these links into the wiki page?

> On Tue, Sep 18, 2012 at 8:25 PM, Daniel Pocock
> <daniel at pocock.com.au> wrote:
> I've started a wiki page about VoIP/IM/real-time communications
> with FreedomBox
> http://wiki.debian.org/FreedomBox/VoIPVideoAndInstantMessaging
> This is a step towards making real-time unified communications a 
> feature of FreedomBox http://freedomboxfoundation.org/
> I've Bcc'd a few of the related projects that are likely to be part
> of this, in particular, - reSIProcate (for SIP and reTurn), -
> Kamailio (for SIP), - Jitsi (for TurnServer and the Jitsi client),
> Much of this work is already available in Debian
> Going forward:
> - Exotic stuff like truly P2P Jingle Nodes and SIP RELOAD - it
> would be great to get feedback from people more familiar with those
> things than myself.
> - Working group for VoIP/IM/Real-time communications?  For
> example, some contributors may not want to follow the whole
> FreedomBox project, so maybe a dedicated email list for FreedomBox
> VoIP/IM and interconnection with other leading SIP/Jabber
> products?
> - Have I correctly represented the intended security paradigm in
> the wiki page?  For example, do people prefer NOT to allow regular
> PSTN connectivity under any circumstances?
> - Has anyone else already started on this area?
> - For those not on the freedombox-discuss list - I won't CC you
> again, so if you want to follow this thread, please come and join 
> freedombox-discuss 
> http://lists.alioth.debian.org/mailman/listinfo/freedombox-discuss
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