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>I note that there's been no mention of BitMessage, so I thought I'd
>mention it:
>  https://bitmessage.org/
>  https://bitmessage.org/wiki/FAQ
>it's doing something a bit like email using something similar to the
>bitcoin P2P network for passing encrypted messages around in a way that
>ensures that it's not possible to see who's talking to who.  It encrypts
>the whole message, so not leaking via the headers.

It's perfectly possible to see who's talking to who, just as it is in the
Bitcoin protocol.  It's only that a) the message is encrypted and only
the intended recipient can decrypt and b) POW is used to combat spam.

There's a proposal in the white paper for how to combat an attacker
who's trying to see where you're sending messages.


>Then again, it's early days, it needs a security audit and seems to have
>had significant security issues in earlier versions, so no clue when it
>might be ready for real use, and its not packaged for Debian, so nothing
>for Freedombox right now ... but probably worth keeping an eye on.>

>On the down side, addresses are long base58 strings, and you'll have to
>change addresses as the network grows, but I imagine that people will
>come up with some way of mapping memorable names to those addresses at
>some point.
>Cheers, Phil.
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