[Freedombox-discuss] Android stick-PCs as a potential Commotion/FreedomBox/OpenWRT platform?

Philip Hands phil at hands.com
Sun Apr 28 07:55:46 UTC 2013

Paul Gardner-Stephen <paul at servalproject.org> writes:

>> The above is *exactly* why I continue to be so interested in
>> Olinuxino/Beaglebone Black: since they are Free hardware (schematics,
>> Eagle files, etc. freely available), no problemo, one can just modify a
>> few to one's requirements.  Once one is happy, one can send out the
>> updated files and have a few dozen/hundred/thousand
>> made. Easy-peasey. ;)
> Anyone in the communities here interested in doing this to make a really
> nice hardware design that meets the needs of mesh-oriented users? ;)

Hi Paul,

An approach that might be worth exploring in the near future is the
EOMA-68 System-on-Module stuff:


They are just getting the first batch of samples put together:


and are hoping to get a tablet built pretty soon:


at which point there will be a reason for doing a big run of the
processor modules, and one could then engineer an I/O board with the
radio, and battery charging stuff that would make it suit Serval without
having to do any of the CPU side of things.  It might be worth listing
your requirements here:


or here:


in case someone else has similar requirements and fancies building what
you need, or buying some to get your production numbers up.

Cheers, Phil.

Declaration of interest: Luke Leighton is a friend of mine, which is why
Rhombus Tech's web site is hosted one of my servers, but I have little
more involvement in the project than seeing mails on their mailing-list
go by, and occasionally turning on extra plugins in ikiwiki for them.
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