[Freedombox-discuss] Building Freedombox to run under KVM

Tim Retout tim at retout.co.uk
Tue Aug 20 20:47:50 UTC 2013

Hi all,

Recently I have been checking out freedom-maker.

I don't have a Dreamplug, and I'm not a fan of Virtualbox.  :)  It
seems that Debian's virtualbox package was moved into "contrib" before
wheezy, because it needs a proprietary compiler to build the BIOS

Anyway, it is easy to build an image that's usable by KVM - I removed
the "virtualbox" entry from the $(STAMP)-vbox-predepend Makefile
target, and ignored the failure of the VBoxManage command at the end
of mk_virtualbox_image.  In other words, just type "make
virtualbox-image" and hack it until it works.

This produces a 7.5GB .img file which can be imported in virt-manager.
 I think it would be possible to use qemu-img to convert it to a
smaller format.

So, this makes me think that I should split out the VM image
generation in the Makefile, and create a new KVM target.

Kind regards,

Tim Retout <tim at retout.co.uk>

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