[Freedombox-discuss] Restructure how freedombox is set up to use a .deb package?

Petter Reinholdtsen pere at hungry.com
Wed Aug 21 13:04:08 UTC 2013

At the moment, the dreambox and virtualbox images for freedombox are
set up quite differently, using different package lists to install and
different scripts to configure the images.  I belive this is
unfortunate, and suggest a way to change this to make sure both are
set up the same way.

I suggest to move the code to set up the freedombox into a new debian
package (lets name it freedombox-setup), and the packages to install
are listed as dependencies for this package.  To pull in the
dependencies of this locally created package (at least until it is
part of Debian), we can use gdebi.  This allow all the packages to be
installed to be listed once in the source, as package dependencies of
this new package.

The content of the package could be something like this:



More files should probably be moved into it as well.  I just sketch a
few examples here.

The image creation for both variantes of the freedombox should then
call the /usr/lib/freedombox/setup script while building the target
environment, which in turn call the scripts in setup.d to configure
various parts of the image.  At the end of the setup phase (in
99_prepare-first-boot), any thing needed to prepare before the first
boot should be done, and the image should be ready to boot.

This allow extra freedombox modules to be added without having to
modify the build system.  For example I hope to provide an ical
server, and could add a package in source/sourcecode/ providing files
in setup.d to do everything needed for this to work, without having to
change anything in the build system

I've written a draft patch for this, which I will push to my git
repository as soon as I am happy with the result. :)

Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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