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Tim Retout diocles at debian.org
Tue Dec 3 23:06:32 UTC 2013

Hi all,

Some of you might have seen http://redecentralize.org/ - for a few
months now they have been interviewing various developers who are
working on decentralized software projects.  (Who could represent

This evening I attended a social meetup in London organized by them, and
met lots of interesting people, so I highly recommend those.  I believe
they're looking for people who could organize events in other cities.

Smári McCarthy gave me a quick demo of Mailpile.  (Interestingly Eben
Moglen/the Freedombox Foundation has donated money to Mailpile.)  It
looks good, and fits very well with the idea of putting an encryption
proxy into the user's existing email service.

I also discussed the idea of putting Postfix behind a Tor hidden service
with several people - this seems very feasible, and onion.to is planning
to launch an SMTP forwarding service to allow communication with the
non-Tor world.

More than one person mentioned arkOS to me.  I'm toying with the idea of
pulling together arkos-genesis, mailpile, dovecot, postfix and tor, and
seeing what the resulting system would look like.

Anyway, this was fun.  They've just started an open mailing list, which
I expect to get publicised soon, and in the meantime their newsletter
lets you know when new videos are up.  I hope this email wasn't too

Tim Retout <diocles at debian.org>
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