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Tue Dec 17 10:39:07 UTC 2013

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> [Nick Daly]
> > Hi folks, I'm trying to fix the /etc/network/interface
> > misconfiguration in the Freedom-Maker generated images, but I'm not
> > sure where best to apply the fix.  The underlying issue is that the
> > interface file doesn't include these lines:
> >
> >     allow-hotplug eth0
> >     iface eth0 inet dhcp
> Why 'allow-hotplug' and not 'auto'?  'allow-hotplug' is obsolete, as
> far as I know, and require network-manager to be running.  I did not
> plan to use network-manager, but only ifupdown.  Should we use
> network-manager?

The directive allow-hotplug has nothing to do with Network-Manager. The NM
only handles network devices NOT mentioned in /e/n/interfaces.

If allow-hotplug is obsoleted or not I don't know.  But it is handles by
ifupdown. And if there is a network connected to the device or not.

And no, NM isn't needed and should not be used on a server.

> > If you have recommendations on how to patch the Freedom-Maker [0] or
> > FreedomBox-Setup [1] packages to handle this case, I'd appreciate
> > your help.
> The network setup is done at first boot in
> freedombox-setup/first-run.d/05_network, and there I was told by
> jsullevan to use eth1, not eth0, on the dreamplug.  What is correct?

What to use of eth0 or eth1 depends on the hardware and what name udev
gives the device.

> Happy hacking
> Petter Reinholdtsen

/A Jackson
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