[Freedombox-discuss] Help Needed TODOs!

Nick M. Daly nick.m.daly at gmail.com
Tue Feb 12 15:56:27 UTC 2013

Hi folks, if you're wondering what you can do for the FBX on the coding
side, here's a list of 9 pretty straightforward things to get your feet

Like all TODO lists, this one's already outdated.  New Plinth changes
will appear soon that might render some of these TODOs irrelevant
(especially 6).

The repositories:

    - Freedom Maker :: https://github.com/nickdaly/freedom-maker

    - Plinth :: https://github.com/nickdaly/plinth

    - FreedomBuddy :: https://gitorious.org/freedombuddy/freedombuddy

    - Publish :: https://gitorious.org/project-publish/project-publish

Thanks for your time,


* Notes [0/10]

  I discovered these TODOs while playing with the last weekly image.
  New one tonight or tomorrow, now that the Great Freedom Maker
  Unification has occurred.

** TODO 1. Include missing dependencies.                        :plinth:

   - [ ] psmisc
   - [ ] python2.7
   - [ ] libpython2.7
   - [ ] sudo

** TODO 2. Move build to vendor                                 :plinth:

   Update references in:

   - plinth/start.sh
   - plinth/Makefile

** TODO 3. Link network/interfaces per machine target     :freedommaker:

** TODO 4. Add fbx to /etc/sudoers?                       :freedommaker:

** TODO 5. Make Plinth Easy to Launch                     :freedommaker:

   - Make plinth in FM during image build process, or,

   - Build some giant startup script to run Plinth that handles
     - make-ing plinth
     - other requirements
     Plinth's own start.sh should handle its own local installation,
     nothing else.  The big script should assume ~/exmachina is

*** TODO [#C] 6. Move ./build dependencies to ../  :plinth:freedombuddy:

    This'll help unify the dependencies at the file level.

    Might not be worth it, as everything's moving to .debs soon.

** TODO 7. Update the login message.                      :freedommaker:

** TODO 8. Don't POST password... EVER.                         :plinth:

   We currently post on login fails.

** TODO 9. CherryPy HTTPRedirects Shouldn't Go To     :plinth:

   They shouldn't change the server's name.

** TODO 10. Use Publish to publish Plinth's Source              :plinth:

   That'd be useful and convenient, but should exclude the data
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