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Jonas Smedegaard dr at jones.dk
Sat Jan 5 13:22:52 UTC 2013

Quoting Melvin Carvalho (2013-01-05 02:43:28)
> On 29 December 2012 18:30, Petar Petrović <[1]petar at petrovic.io> wrote:
>> I think that we don't HAVE to integrate everything, at least not 
>> during the initial development. I think we should focus on building a 
>> software stack, and then at some point, we can decide if deep 
>> integration is worth the effort. Of course, I am always open for 
>> different opinions and ideas.

Yes, let's build FreedomBox 1.0 before we build FreedomBox 2.0.

In my mind, FreedomBox 1.0 is *boring* - it contains no new inventions, 
only oldfashioned Debian mechanisms served user-friendly boxed.  That in 
itself is a *big* milestone for FreedomBox.

FreedomBox 2.0 is *interesting* - it contains improved ways of doing 
stuff classic among geeks, and still does it user-friendly boxed.

FreedomBox 3.0 is *exciting* - it contains new inventions that have 
happened in parallel to our "boring" work, inspired by similar events 
that triggered the FreedomBox project but without that tough contraint 
of being user-friendly.  Of course when those inventions reach 
FreedomBox they _are_ provided user-friendly boxed - because that is a 
fundamental requirement of FreedomBox.

We (as in the developers on FreedomBox) HAVE to integrate everything 
needed for serving privacy-aware functionality in a user-friendly way. 
If we don't, we don't have a FreedomBox, but some other Debian-related 
tool or toy.

> Yes, I think this is a valid approach.  The web was designed to tie 
> many systems together via the hyperlink.

True that the web is about tying many systems together.

FreedomBox, however, is about protecting privacy, and here it does 
matter crucially to have enough functionality locally so as to not leak 
privacy when doing said hyperlinking.

FreedomBox is also about serving non-geeks, and here it is crucial that 
all interaction is user-friendly.  *ALL* interaction!  There is *no* 
admin, beyond the user herself/himself!

> Of course it would be nice if the integrations could provide a 
> seamless user experience, but perhaps that can only happen over 
> time...

If you mean postponing user-friendliness till later, then it sounds to 
me like you are talking about something (quite exciting and worthwhile 
to try reach but) different from Freedombox.


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