[Freedombox-discuss] FreedomBuddy to use Tor to resolve IP address of nodes?

Jonas Smedegaard dr at jones.dk
Sat Jan 5 18:02:32 UTC 2013

Quoting Graham Burnside (2013-01-05 17:29:51)
> I would have thought that the firewall penetration will be a non 
> issue, the boxes will presumably be connecting via a IPsec VPN (Strong 
> Swan)? In tunnelling mode this would allow NAT traversal. Finding your 
> friend's box (node) is the problem, for which we must rely on some 
> form of dynamic dns.

Take xmpp as example: If you and I have Freedomboxes and want to 
communicate via xmpp, then we either need to use some external xmpp 
server or be able to reach the self-hosted xmpp of the other box.

Using an external xmpp server defeat an essential point of the 
FreedomBox, in that it does not keep logs of activities local.

Using self-hosted xmpp servers we need them to be reachable.

Similar for IPsec: One end of an IPsec tunnel needs to be reachable.  If 
both our Freedomboxes are placed behind masqueraing firewalls, then to 
what IP would you establish your tunnel?

> As for unique tools, FreedomBuddy certainly the glue binding together 
> common tools, but no more so than implementing a custom xmpp client 
> with say python-jabberbot (in debian repo).

FreedomBuddy and any other new xmpp client needs to be in Debian, before 
they can sensibly be considered for FreedomBox: It would be insane to 
ship to FreedomBox users any code that is not treated as "stable" by 

If you consider writing some custom xmpp client on top of 
python-jabberbot, then that would be great!  There is certainly a lack 
of good user-friendly non-desktop-oriented (read: web-based or in other 
ways run without screen attached) xmpp clients!

If you are not, then I find it more harm than good to discuss here 
theoretical possibilities of what code can do when someone do it.

I suspect that a lot of confusion around FreedomBox stem from such 
theoretical discussions.

FreedomBox is about boxing already existing, stable code - not about 
inventing new code.

 - Jonas

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