[Freedombox-discuss] Installable media for a pentium III

Quiliro Ordóñez quiliro at congresolibre.org
Tue Jan 8 15:14:29 UTC 2013

Thank you for the info, Nick. And sorry for previously not sending my
mail to the list.

El 08/01/13 08:43, Nick M. Daly escribió:
> Quiliro Ordóñez writes:
>> El 05/12/12 09:24, Nick Daly escribió:
>> Going back to testing now. Will this image run on a Pentium III or is
>> it only for Dreamplug processors.
> I can't speak for the "freedombox-kickstarter-release.img.xz", but I
> suspect it's the same as my images [0, 1], which are only ARMEL
> (DreamPlug architecture).  You could run my VM images in VirtualBox if
> you wanted to test but, really, it's just a handful of packages that you
> could install to any Debian Wheezy system [2].
> Nick
> 0: https://www.betweennowhere.net/tracker/freedombox-unstable.torrent
> 1: https://www.betweennowhere.net/tracker/freedombox-unstable.tar.bz2
> 2: https://github.com/NickDaly/freedom-maker/blob/master/bin/projects

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