[Freedombox-discuss] #NSA #prism "safe" communication ?

James Gilmore james.d.gilmore at gmail.com
Mon Jul 1 21:00:07 UTC 2013

> what about #freedombox ?
What about it? As far as I've ever heard, it isn't remotely ready. Note
that the current release is "0.1," in other words, closer to vaporware than
product. The only active developer I know about for certain is Nick Daly.
https://github.com/NickDaly/freedom-maker The front-end for FreedomBox
hasn't seen any development in over a year.
https://github.com/jvasile/Plinth So I'm not confident that Freedombox will
ever emerge from its cocoon.

There's a marked visibility/PR problem. The email lists are the ONLY source
of info, and if you're not in the thick of it, it's hard to tell what's
going on. Even lurking on this email list, I often feel like more is
actually happening, but just isn't seeing the light of day. I see inquiries
about FreedomBox all the time, but nobody seems to know anything about it's
true state.

That said, I think freedombox is mostly about making existing technology
easy to use. Tor exists. cjdns and hyperboria exist. And so forth. You even
can "roll your own" using a Raspberry Pi, and then you'll know how it works
and what it it capable of doing (and NOT capable of doing.)

Retroshare exists and is actually very good. It's a fairly robust
communications suite at this point. I recommend you go in with the idea
that you are testing/learning rather than using it "for real." Learn how
everything works, and what doesn't work. Then create a new key to connect
to your real life friends, completely off the DHT in darknet mode.

A good resource for finding out about stuff: http://reddit.com/r/darknetplan
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