[Freedombox-discuss] Update Tracking: FBX Planet?

Nick Daly nick.m.daly at gmail.com
Wed Jul 3 00:44:41 UTC 2013

Bob Mottram writes:
> With all the stories in the news about spying on internet services I 
> would expect there to be an upswing in interest in things like 
> Freedombox and privacy related technologies.

I'm hoping.

> I assume at this point that the original target hardware from 2010 is 
> considered dated, and it looks as if the prices for the GlobalScale 
> hardware went in the opposite direction than anticipated.  Is there a 
> new target hardware platform?  BeagleBone Black?

I'm trying to work a RaspberryPi target into FreedomMaker.  Also, the
OLinuXino A13 looks nice.  I personally prefer the A13 over similar
devices (over the BeagleBone Black and even the RPi) because it's a
fully open and free design, in the strong senses of the word.  The fact
that FM has to load ~60 M of sourceless firmware + kernel [0] to boot
the RPi just rubs me the wrong way.  Of course, I could be wrong about
all this, maybe I'm overestimating the package size, and maybe it's not
required to boot: I'm still in the research stage, not the execution
stage at this point.  We'll know the limitations when it's finished.

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