[Freedombox-discuss] why choose new OSHW (Open Source HardWare)

Rob van der Hoeven robvanderhoeven at ziggo.nl
Wed Jul 3 10:24:23 UTC 2013

On Wed, 2013-07-03 at 09:18 +0100, Nick Hardiman wrote:
> I got a couple questions -
> What is the point of choosing new hardware? Will picking a different
> hardware target help to spread the software development? Will a small
> percentage of the million RPis get used for privacy work?

I do not think we should choose new hardware. We should not choose *any*

What we should do is develop a FreedomBox software stack that runs on
any Debian system. If we got that right we can *advice* users about the
hardware that is best suited to run the FreedomBox software.

Building a FreedomBox software stack is the most difficult task for the
FreedomBox community. Any developer who is interested in the FreedomBox
is needed and should be welcome. Let's not exclude people because they
don't have the chosen hardware.


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