[Freedombox-discuss] MinnowBoard (was: why choose new OSHW (Open Source HardWare))

Blibbet blibbet at gmail.com
Sun Jul 7 03:36:36 UTC 2013

> What is the point of choosing new hardware? Will picking a different
> hardware target help to spread the software development? Will a small
> percentage of the million RPis get used for privacy work?

Speaking of open hardware, I notice that Intel has a relatively new UEFI 
dev board, that is based on "open hardware" and uses Angstrom/Yocto. 
(Unfortunately, not everyone uses the same definition of open hardware...)


So, it's an Linux-optimized box, with UEFI but without Win8, from Intel, 
who presumably have goals to make Linux and UEFI work well on this box. 
There is upcoming support for FastBoot, but I don's see anything about 
Linux-centric SecureBoot. Perhaps encouraging.

It's not a plug-based form factor, nor an ARM box. But if FreedomBoxes 
are not mobile, this Atom box might be an option.

Maybe the FBF people who contacted GlobalScale about getting a 
FSF/Debian-style free toolchain/boot loader could talk to them, to 
ensure it's really free enough for FBX use, so it won't need to be 
hacked by Bdale/etc after-the-fact, again.

"Board Design Goals: Our goal was to create a customizable developer 
board that uses Intel(R) Architecture and can be easily replicated. It 
is a simple board layout that lends itself to customization. The 
hardware design is open.  We used open source software as much as 
possible. We used standard (not cutting edge) components that are in 
stock and affordable, to keep the cost down. Finally, we designed a 
small footprint with hopes of making it even smaller."

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