[Freedombox-discuss] MinnowBoard

Blibbet blibbet at gmail.com
Sun Jul 7 19:13:45 UTC 2013

 > Also, even though it appears to run on 5 v, there is no indication of
> current requirements or temperature range.  I think any board that required
> air or heat to operate will void dropping this into lots of earths areas,
> requiring some type of building.


Your power consumption questions are over my head. :-) You should use 
Google+ and help get these answers directly from the Minnowboard people.

It looks like, at this point, Google+ is the main way to communicate 
with the Minnowboard people:

As for lack of power supply, have you ever used a PandaBoard or one of 
the BeagleBoards? None of them have power supplies, part of the 
accessories. Perhaps you've been spoiled by the DreamPlug, which has 
relatively innovative enclosure from GlobalScale, that includes power 
supply, and AC or DC support. :-)

Re: getting priced out of the market, this is a dev board market is not 
consumer market. The minnow as-is wouldn't be a consumer box for the 
FBX, some OEM would have to make a Minnow-based box, using this dev box 
as the model.

Intel is good at using Embedded Linux Conference for marketing. Here's 
their last Minnow talk:

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