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There appear to be an error in your transcription:

The Free Software Foundation 

should read

The Free Network Foundation 


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> The Free Software Foundation is working on a ?Freedom Box? ? an open-source
> appliance you plug into your router that gives you ways to surf the net
> safely and anonymously; to help dissidents publish to the world; and to
> create open, distributed alternatives to Twitter and Facebook.
> That too, by definition, is a server and thus banned by Google Fiber.
> ...
> But Google?s legally binding Terms of Service outlaw Google Fiber customers
> from running their own mail server, using a remotely accessible media
> server, SSHing into a home computer from work to retrieve files, running a
> Minecraft server for friends to share, using a Nest thermometer, using a
> nanny camera to watch over a childcare provider or using a Raspberry Pi to
> host a WordPress blog.
> [ Read More ]
> http://www.wired.com/threatlevel/2013/07/google-neutrality/
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