[Freedombox-discuss] Seattle FreedomBox Hackfest, Sunday 6/8 3-7pm

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Thu Jun 6 21:37:07 UTC 2013

What: Seattle FreedomBox Hackfest
When: Sunday 6/8, 3pm to ~7pm.
Where: meeting up after GSLUG at Burien library.

Keywords: hackfest, Linux, developer, FreedomBox, DreamPlug,
JTAG, Rasberry Pi, C, Python, PHP sh/bash, Squeeze, Wheezy.


We're planning to have a small hackfest for the FreedomBox project
in the Seattle area!

Nick, one of the FreedomBox main developers, is in town again. He
was here a few months ago, and gave a talk on the FreedomBox at
Black Lodge Research. This time, he's here to help Seattle-area
hackers get involved with contributing to the FreedomBox.

We're planning on having a FBX hackfest after the GSLUG meeting,
from about 3-7pm, followed by dinner, at a currently undetermined
location nearby.

The goals are to work on the todo lists and to start bringing FBX
to the Raspberry Pi. And help getting your build environment
working, so you can help with these tasks.

Please come with a working Linux-based laptop. Debian is preferred,
since FreedomBox is Debian-based; however, any Linux that supports
"apt-get" and contains a "multistrap" package should do the trick.
It's only been tested on Debian Squeeze and Debian Wheezy, but it
*should* build in any downstream distribution (the latest Ubuntus,

Bonus points if you also have a Rasberry Pi. Or a GlobalScale
DreamPlug with JTAG, the ARM dev board for the Freedom Box.

Please feel free to forward to local Linux developers with (Python,
C, sh/bash, PHP) skills, who may wish to participate.


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Hi folks, two things:

1. I'll be in Seattle and available to do stuff the night of 6/7 and
    during the day on 6/8.  If you're around the area, we should meet
    up.  Fortune permitting, I'll be at the GSLUG meeting on 6/8 and
    happy to talk about FBX stuff.


Thanks for your time,
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