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Quoting Nick M. Daly (2013-06-07 02:42:16)
> Markus Sabadello <markus.sabadello at gmail.com> writes:
> > erik.josefsson%europarl.europa.eu at epfsug.eu> wrote:
> >>  Jonas is talking about a "nice little home server putting you in 
> >> charge of your own data" at Linuxtag in Berlin today:
> >
> > Great, we're also doing a little FreedomBox workshop in Graz today: 
> > https://cryptoparty.at/graz
> How did the workshop and the talk go?

Talk went sort-of well.  Feedback afterwards was positive, but I wasn't 
so happy myself: I feel I was too anxious and distracted, which made me 
target my talk mostly at developers and "defend" FreedomBox, instead of 
at newcomer users and could-be developers (the actual attendants) to 
explain what it is and how to get involved.  To some extend it was 
corrected by patient and insisting questions afterwards, but I still 
have a feeling I could've done much better - that I can be far more 
clear in expression than how I performed this time around.

Talk wasn't recorded.  That was sort-of promised and I was disappointed 
- which also makes me appreciate that much more the work that _is_ done 
on video and audio recording and postprocessing at many events nowadays!

...on a related note, the video from my talk at FSCONS 2012 still isn't 
postprocessed after almost a year.  There is a handheld phone video 
floating around if you are really interested, but I don't know its 
author or licensing (if youtube user "balp" reads this, please get in 
touch with me).

 - Jonas

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