[Freedombox-discuss] Issue getting Images

Nick M. Daly nick.m.daly at gmail.com
Fri Mar 1 13:19:21 UTC 2013

freedom writes:

> I have been following this project since it started. In that time I have
> been able to actually download two of the posted images. The very first
> image was one and a while back I got another. I cant get the current
> image at all. I got part of the one from jan. I have got ssl errors from
> Nicks tracker and all kinds of things.One error told me the ssl cert did
> not belong to Nick's domain name. Im not sure whats happening, maybe I
> am blocked off his domain by my ISP. That would be odd in the USA,but
> these days nothing would surprise me.

Have you tried downloading them directly?  Just look at the end of the


SSL errors pop up when my server's down or when you don't trust my
self-signed cert.  The images themselves are signed, so I'm less worried
about the cert there.
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