[Freedombox-discuss] ISC.org announces "Open Home Gateway Forum", funded by Comcast

John Gilmore gnu at toad.com
Thu Mar 14 09:38:09 UTC 2013


  Internet Systems Consortium (ISC) is delighted to announce the
  launch of the Open Home Gateway Forum with an initial grant from
  Comcast. The OHGF is a Forum of ISPs and vendors and Internet
  development organizations, initiated and spearheaded by ISC, that
  aims to improve the rollout of new Internet technologies to home
  networks by providing stable, quality-assured reference Open Source
  software to be used in home gateways. Home gateways are the means by
  which a residential customer connects to an Internet service

ISC is serious folks, who have maintained the core DNS implementation
for decades and who run the "F" root server.


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