[Freedombox-discuss] Censorship that we can agree on

Jack Wilborn jkwilborn at gmail.com
Fri Mar 22 12:46:10 UTC 2013

Ah, human sexuality, what a many faceted gem!  If we wish to dispose
of this type of child abuse, we must attack it head on.  This means
that we have to understand that it's a mental disease and treat it as
such.  This means, to some extent, we might have to overlook some
assaults to get these people to a rigid form of treatment.  These
people are excellent in hiding the problem from others and not only do
they get the low life attitude from people they are quickly

This of course is a two sided coin.  If you want people to do the
right thing and get to treatment, they have to be able to face up to
others that know them and the justice system that wants to prosecute
and throw the key away.  Attitude have to change on both sides.

Back to the original post, it's not going to happen.  I would rather
deal with the abuse than the censorship.  And as others have pointed
out, an open system draws illegal activity.  The only way to know is
to snoop, and I feel those who snoop usually are themselves violators.
 Because that's what make people suspicious in the first place.

I was on Google, with safe search on (which is unusual) searching for
a Buddhist drawing and was dumped a photo of a 16 y/o Christian girl
that had her head lying next to her body. Thanks to the Muslim extreme
sect.  I would rather see hard core porn than dead bodies of young
people.  Who makes these decisions about what is OK and what is not
and do we agree with them?


I hope this is the end of this....

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