[Freedombox-discuss] Censorship that we can agree on

Dan Ballance tzewang.dorje at gmail.com
Sat Mar 23 07:33:14 UTC 2013

This is a very interesting idea. But do you have any idea how this goal
could be achieved technically? It seems almost the opposite of what the
technology is designed to do. How do you control the uncontrollable? I
don't think there's any way to control the creation of networks - rats
could just modify their kit and create a separate network for their filth.
We could seek to build a large open democratic network however and that
seems a laudable aim - but imho the technology we have these days tends to
build more anarchic web-like structures.  Humans - even humans with the
same goals - tend to disagree and fallout, schisms take place.

Ultimately I suspect the freedombox will suppprt a network of networks -
some may be used for good and others for evil. I don't know if there is
much we can do about that. I think if you want censorship you may be better
throwing your hat in with those currently trying to lock the internet down
and apply press laws to it as a publication medium. You can try to get
democratic control of that process.  I personally feel the risk of control
is too great and what we can gain democratically from a free internet is
too much to lose. The internet has not created child or sexual abuse and
maybe when we have a better world of greater equality and less exploitation
we will be in a better position to tackle these social issues.

Felt compelled to say something!

Dan :)
On 23 Mar 2013 07:17, "Robert Connolly" <robert at secondfloor.ca> wrote:

> I am talking about a community that governs itself, not by a leader, but
> by the users.
> Freedom for rats means a kitchen infested with rats. There has to be some
> control over freedom, otherwise the rats will take over the kitchen, and
> Freedombox will not be used by normal people, only by rats. And all the
> hard work put into it will go down the drain, as infrastructure for a rat
> nest.
> I'm suggesting some sort of design that allows users to govern and censor
> the network. Without this, it's a failure.
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