[Freedombox-discuss] Natural market for Freedom Box, responsive interfaces

Chris Hall bitmonki at gmail.com
Mon Mar 25 02:14:35 UTC 2013

On 03/23/2013 12:25 PM, Beber Geens wrote:
> Having searching/reading a bit though the archive I'm a bit
> disappointed that there hasn't been any talk of users, experience,
> interface, marketing or anything related. The closest I found is a
> thread on a theme for the website/wiki and that spark seems sizzled do
> death by 'the reign of the dev' (no offence intended - dudes, your
> work is awesome#! - just a bit too complexicatiing sometimes), result:
> no progress. Even though I this is an absolute gem of a product and
> I'm sure you know why you're working on this project, it seems to me
> that thinking-outside-of-the-dev-box is somewhat needed here.

Yo, Beeber, howzit? (Thats what people say here in Hawaii, 'howzit'). :)

Am I correct in thinking that you have at least some experience in web

Because if so, are you aware of any simple, lightweight and easily
theme-able responsive libraries/frameworks?

Emphasis on simple & lightweight, theming less important for now.  Not
that I care about it much myself, but if the experience isn't
theme-able, it may be viewed as somehow either unfinished/not ready or
perhaps worse unsophisticated enough.  *sigh*

Your right in noticing that these types of projects rarely mention UI/UX
in real detail -- it is hard, boring sometimes counterintuitive,
nitpicking work.

More importantly, I'm not sure people who create the functionality even
*should* design the UI -- they are way to close to it, understand it all
in their minds, and thus can't really objectively evaluate key UI
metrics like 'discoverability', flow, etc.

-- Chris

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