[Freedombox-discuss] x86 Boxes and Debian Pure Blends

Sean Alexandre sean at alexan.org
Wed May 1 12:52:14 UTC 2013

I watched the FOSDEM '13 "FreedomBox 1.0" talk Eben and Bdale gave earlier this year. 
They mentioned x86 boxes as a target platform, versus just the DreamPlug. 

I'd like to install the latest FreedomBox on a small x86 box I've got. What's the best 
way to get started with this? I realize this may not be supported right now, and would 
be interested in any pointers on how to help.

I have a related question. I've read FreedomBox will ideally be a "Debian Pure Blend". 
What would that look like, as far as doing an install and configuring a box? (How
would the install work? I'm guessing it would install a set of Debian packages. Then
there would be some config scripts (puppet?) that would configure everything??)

Thanks for any advice...

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