[Freedombox-discuss] Unforgivable Hacks for AGPL Compliance

Walter van Holst walter.van.holst at xs4all.nl
Fri May 3 06:40:08 UTC 2013

On 4/30/13 5:15 PM, Bradley M. Kuhn wrote:

> Meanwhile, the FUD we hear against Affero GPL is almost exactly the same
> as the GPL FUD that I heard when I first got started in Free Software in
> the early 1990s, right on through to the "unAmerican cancerous virus"
> campaign in 2001.  The GPL was successful, and accepted as a norm,
> almost completely because there were codebases (GCC, Linux, etc.) that
> were *so* useful that copyleft haters chose to live with copyleft
> requirements -- whatever they might be -- rather than write new code
> from scratch.
> I've told cwebber many times that such codebases just don't exist yet
> for Affero GPL, and that's the root of all the so-called "I don't
> understand how to comply with Affero GPL" problems.  I hope GNU

While I strongly believe in free software, I don't think it is entirely
FUD. Especially in the context of Freedom Box I think the AGPL may have
interesting consequences. Or none (see last issue of International Free
and Open Source Source Law Review).



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