[Freedombox-discuss] Debian Wheezy, and LXC

Jonas Smedegaard dr at jones.dk
Thu May 9 20:51:19 UTC 2013

Quoting Johan Henselmans (2013-05-09 11:58:36)
> Now that Debian Wheezy is officially out,I decided to give it a spin, 
> and see if everything would work with FreeDomBox. I started out with 
> LXC, as it seemed the logical choice to use with FreedomBox.
> As I started with a netinstall CD, I got a whole bunch of packages 
> that were not installed, amongst others curl, lxc, openssh-server, gcc 
> and git.
> Unfortunately, LXC still seems to have broken templates.

[details of breakage snipped]

Great that you explore ways to get closer to a working FreedomBox.

Not so great IMO to raise details of specific packages to this list.  
You make it clear that in your opinion LXC is ideal for FreedomBox, but 
you also make it clear that it is not currently working.  Please then 
_invite_ others on this list over to that relevant bugreport to work 
further on solving those details.

So please, folks interested in getting LXC into shape, please read 
http://bugs.debian.org/680469 and consider post updates to 
680469 at bugs.debian.org .

 - Jonas

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